Olivia Maiden: Filmmaker

About Us

I decided to venture into the world of filmmaking in 2016, aged 14, and now, aged 18, I will be embarking on my feature debut set during the Second World War this Autumn.

As an aspiring actor, my drive for creating my first multi-award-winning short film Never Alone was to create the opportunity to act in more complex storylines with real and three-dimensional characters. However, this thirty-minute drama soon became a passion project with a meaning close to my heart after losing two of my siblings at six-years-old. I was shocked and thrilled when it won and was selected for 20+ national and international film festivals.

Following this, my short/drama thriller Bea Before Me had wins at Birmingham Film Festival and High Peak Indie. By the time I wrote and directed Spiralling in 2018, raising awareness of child trafficking, I had developed a niche for telling important stories with strong thematic messages through film.

As a director, I enjoyed the unique challenges each film posed. Working with children has been a highlight of my journey, developing their raw ability and strong imaginations to put themselves in another's shoes. When making the concept footage for my debut feature Peace In Our Time, I directed 22+ children from as young as three-years-old. The film was picked up by the charity War Child who we are now working closely with for production.