Eight-year-old Felicity experiences the intense loss and loneliness of war. Exposed to the harsh reality that her father may not return, she writes him a letter praying for his swift return. Her father will return but to a place far different from the one he left just years before. Because the tragic truth is that it wasn't just the soldier's on the front line who didn't make it out alive.

A five-minute short as concept footage for our feature film currently in development of the same name. 


Spiralling is a short drama film which raises awareness of child trafficking and how quickly a child as young as 11 can be manipulated. 300,000 children are trafficked each year. Summer, an impressionable young girl, finds herself spiralling downwards in a course of twists and turns within a tragic first morning of school. When her big sister realises that she is missing, will Zoe be able to reach her in time or will it be too late?


Bea Before Me is a thought-provoking 10-minute thriller.


James Evans, a hard-working and loving Father, sits down to a day's work on Monday morning. Interrupted by a call from the school informing him his daughter hasn't arrived at school, he panics. The situation turns from bad to worse when a Father comes looking for revenge, giving James a heartbreaking choice: kill his wife or his daughter dies.


Never Alone follows the story of Bella, a young girl, and how she copes with the tragic death of her twin sister, Maddy, and distances herself from her family while trying to move on.

It deals with grief, loss and sibling bereavement and how a young teenager can move on from the guilt and reconnect with loved ones.

Never Alone has gone on to be nominated for 20 film festivals nationally and internationally