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I am a young filmmaker, Olivia Maiden and I created Dream Hive Films back in 2016 after I made my first film: 'Never Alone'.
I hope enjoy the website which is regularly updated​ with latest news and projects!
You can find out more about me here: www.oliviamaiden.com
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I may only be 16-years-old but I have big dreams.
Storytelling is my passion and whether it be on-screen or off, being on a film set is my second home.
My aim with Dream Hive Films is to challenge stereotypes in any and every way possible and make people think, because those have always been my favourite type of films. The films that leave you thinking about the world for weeks after.
There are problems in the world we live in but also a lot of beauty... the films I aim to create are ones that show that.
Film is probably one of the most accessible mediums and therefore makes it such an incredible way to get a message across to such a wide audience.
I am always very interested in hearing about any projects you have coming up and helping in anyway possible. So please get in touch here:
olivia@maiden.org / 07748 292222