SPIRALLING - Post Production


Pre-Production has begun on Dream Hive Films' debut feature film starting with the investment teaser being filmed in Cornwall this September - eek!


The film follows the harsh reality of the children of the war's lives who were not evacuated and the blurred lines between a children's game & reality.

Featuring a stellar child cast in this children-led WW2 90-minute Drama.



Christian film about love, loss, guilt and redemption.

After the tragic death of their son/nephew Freddie, Florence & Teenager Clarice must come to terms with his death whilst facing a court hearing straight after.

Clarice deals with the desperate guilt after leaving him alone and lying to the court and now faces her toughest journey... will anyone be there to help her.

We just wrapped on 'SPIRALLING' this Summer. 

I cast the incredible Twinkle MacInnes as the young protagonist who got caught up with a group of teens with dark intentions. Being naive and impressionable she ends up going too far.

The film is currently in post production.