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Bea Before Me

Bea Before Me is a thought-provoking 10-minute thriller.


James Evans, a hard-working and loving Father, sits down to a day's work on Monday morning. Interrupted by a call from the school informing him his daughter hasn't arrived at school, he panics. The situation turns from bad to worse when a Father comes looking for revenge, giving James a heartbreaking choice: kill his wife or his daughter dies.

Written, Directed & Produced by Olivia Maiden, Dream Hive Films

Cinematography by Andy Qualtrough, Dark Light Films

Starring Adam J Morgan, Rock Salt, Samantha Badman, Amy Borbone, Olivia Maiden






Best Young Actor, Birmingham Film Festival, November 2018

Best Supporting Actor, Trojan Film Festival, July 2020

Best Short Film, Trojan Film Festival, July 2020

Los Angeles CineFest, August 2020 - Semi Finalist

Out of the Can Film Festival, September 2018 - Finalist


The Monkey Bread Tree Awards, July 2018

High Peak Independent Film Festival, August 2018

Los Angeles Film Awards, July 2018

Direct Monthly Film Festival, July 2018

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