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A High Price for Ginger Beer

A High Price for Ginger Beer is a period short set in the early 1900s. It's based on the true story of Clarice Tovey, a guilt-ridden 17-year-old who learns that seeking forgiveness from herself is the only path to closure.


When her nephew, 6-month-old Freddie, dies under her watch, an inquest is held into the cause and responsibility of his tragic death. Clarice eventually crumbles under the burden of guilt she holds and runs out of the court. However, there is only so much forgiveness her sister Florence can offer before Clarice must forgive herself. It's a film with sisterhood, faith and redemption at the heart.

Directed & Produced by Olivia Maiden, Dream Hive Films

Written by Adam J Morgan, Cynthia Pictures

Filmed by Andy Qualtrough

Edited by Stuart Bailey

Cast: Amber Doig Thorne, Olivia Maiden, Emily Swain, JJ Oburoh, David Cradduck, Roger Lamb



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